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“a shocking revelation”

“I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself!”


‘Beware!  Be Aware.’

Awareness, or rather lack of awareness of the reality of online activity makes it a problem for all employers, employees and society generally. The dilemma’s negative effect on the workplace is only increasing. Due to its nature, most people are unaware of the problem, or its extent, or its growing cost; hence the title of the presentation.

‘Beware! Be Aware’ is designed to halt the immediate problem, reverse its direction and reduce its influence. The side-effects of the 30 minute presentation are greater productivity and less risk for all in the work force. Warning: Nothing will be the same afterward..

Realization is first step in the remedy.It initiates change of what’s needed, when it’s needed and how it can be achieved so everybody wins. Ongoing education and training is available to continue that positive trajectory inaugurated through the initial presentation.

Chris is a formidable lateral thinker and whether the subject is science, sport, politics, business, television, finance, HR, art, medicine, mining, pharmaceuticals, IT, communications, OH&S, education, industry, agriculture, engineering, law, labor or trade, he has lectured in all these fields and more. His Awareness presentation are equally important to all areas.

Chris has written and delivered countless keynote speeches across the globe, identified future trends, entertained elites, humoured holy ones, regaled royalty, engaged heads of state, manipulated media and motivated thousands. Added to this are years of human psychology studied and applied ‘in vivo’ to underscore his unique keynote live presentation.

Working in television and the occasional movie certainly helps when writing a speech, story-boarding multimedia and steering an audience to a conclusion. Chris’ presentations are voted number 1 time and time again when attendees return their questionnaires post conference.  (see Testimonials)