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As referenced elsewhere, Chatham House Rules apply to many engagements as tailored corporate speaker, hoax expert or corporate imposter due to the natures of audiences and their respective professions. Most clients, however, avail themselves as referees when requested on a one to one basis.


Quoted below are examples of others more public:

“…he has performed hundreds of characters and got the message across better than anyone else.”

The Qantas Club

“…lots of laughs thanks to Chris De Havilland. His stream of one-liners about the financial and property industries kept the audience in constant giggles…”

Financial Review

‘Incredible feedback today, everyone enjoyed your performance and thought it was ingenious.’


“Chris is a genius…”

University of Texas. U.S.A.

“He was nothing short of excellent. …presentation was outstanding.”

NSW Health

“…Exceptional man of the evening.”

National Food Distributors Association.

“Chris spoke convincingly and knowledgeably. …WIC could not get enough of Chris.”


“It was absolutely awesome, sensational & outstanding!!!!”

Supply Chain

“Chris totally convinced the international audience and “made the night”

Roche Pharmaceuticals

“…the standing ovation given is proof of how well you were received. … we have had positive feedback on the good relationship that your input has generated between our company and this important group of medical specialists…”

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

“…we have had responses from many of our guests about their enjoyment of our ‘Exceptional man of the evening’.


“…highly amused by ‘Dr Patterson’s’ speech. One grower was moved to enquire of me whether all American farmer representatives could undergo a ‘Patersonectomy’…”

Grains Council

“His adaptation of research was excellent. He had everyone in stitches whilst getting the theme across very strongly”


“As one delegate remarked afterward, ‘It took 40 minutes of a comical character to make people listen to what I’ve been trying to say for days!’”


“… had quite an impact on our members and suppliers… very important lessons that would help them in their business operations… thank you again…”


“Chris mingled with delegates and speakers, discussing the topics presented and answering enquires. …happily recommend Chris De Havilland to any company or group who want the message to be embraced and remembered.”

Chisholm Manufacturing

“Thank you for the wonderful job you did at our centenary dinner. It was a great night…”

Kingston Heath

“I must thank you for a brilliant presentation that had me highly entertained. I also appreciate the effort that you made in compiling the presentation from the data that was available.

Your flexibility, booking of flights etc, also made it a pleasure to work with you.”

WA Dep’t Sport & Recreation

“I was so impressed with the professionalism of your character. Every nuance, physical interpretation, gesture and timing, particularly your control of the character right through to the ‘exposure’ was excellent.  A true craftsman – meant as the highest accolade.

Thought you would like to see the impact you had – very good, well done”:

2nd assessment following feedback from audience of over 700 professionals… 56.5% Strongly agree – 43.5% Agree – 0% Disagree

Comments: ‘Great reinforcement’, ‘Wonderful’, ‘Surprisingly was correct’, ‘It was a very effective and fun way to convey an important message and the most fun ending to a conference I have been to.’

National Employment Services Association