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On TV Chris sells brands like Toyota, Pepsi, ASIA and RAC through TV commercials and infomercials.

He’s anchored national education shows on SBS and featured on numerous programmes including 60 Minutes.

Regarding their 11 year association Toyota’s General Manager wrote this:  “…Chris De Havilland’s personality and effervescence comes through the screen. – and he has sold our product, usually as 100% presenter, very successfully.  … We have been very pleased with the energy and extra profile Chris injected into our TV advertising.. radio campaigns… and live appearances…”

Chris presents on TV, online and corporate video for clients or on subjects including:

Abbott Laboratories Pharmaceuticals – ASIA Insurance – Airlines Safety Training – APD Foods Sales Training – Australian Architect Examiner Training Series – Australian General Practitioners – Business to Business – Cable Water Ski – Dyshagia Education – Education Department – Eurosports – Enar – Franklins – James Squire – Men And Their Sheds – Moove Chocolate Milk – Panadol – Real Estate Institute – Removing Asbestos – TAFE Australia

He’s also written and produced TV advertising campaigns, radio programmes and commercials.

Added to conventional TV presenting, Chris also ensures he gets the best value for clients’ money to grab attention for their products or services.

In so doing, he’s ambushed Olympics, hijacked TV news headlines and formulated ‘Fake News’ before it was fashionable.